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The Holistic Approach to Health & Wellbeing

At Healing Tree we understand that there are many factors that influence our overall health.  


Everything that makes up your life has an impact on your health - some positively, some negatively. Everything from what you eat and do, to how you think, feel, behave and relate to yourself and others have an impact on how your mind, body and spirit operate and work for you, or against you.  

What to Expect:

We are a whole being. We cant ignore whole parts of ourselves and expect to be healthy. You know something is out of balance, and you want to feel good again! We all experience times like this. But if you're willing to seek....answers you will find.  It's up to you to decide what is true and right for you.


When we work together, you can expect to be supported to look deeply at all areas of your life, including the energy around your thoughts, feelings and beliefs; past, present and future! 


Through education and support, we will help you identify those areas you wish to enrich, and the areas of your life that may be out of balance, or no longer serving you. 


From there, we develop a personalized plan to bring more harmony, joy, peace, health and vitality back into your life using a variety of tools and resources we have developed.  


Each plan is developed by the client and coach working together, so you can be sure you are getting exactly what you need, based on your unique situation. This gives you the power to create a plan that works for your life, your budget and your ultimate goals. 

Create a Plan that works for you!

A sample of some of the resources available to create your personalized plan are:

  • Vegetarian cooking classes

  • Sound/Vibrational Healing

  • Live Empowerment and Personal Development Workshops

  • Spiritual (non-denominational) Ceremony

  • Education and Support

  • Experiential Exercises

  • Holistic Health Coaching

  • Reiki Healing Therapy

  • Energy Clearing / Spiritual Reconnection

  • Meditation Instruction

  • Detox Support / Juicing

...and More!

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Initial Consultation is always FREE!

Lets connect and discover how we can help you achieve your goals! 

Services we love to recommend....

Below are some of my favorite practitioners that dedicate themselves to your overall wellbeing.  Their services are highly recommended as an overall "holistic" approach to healing, growth, personal development and ultimate happiness. Tell them I sent you!!  Enjoy!!


Mobile Massage

Rev. Deb Benton, LMT, provides exceptional therapeutic massage services, including Medi Massage Cupping for lymphatic flushing, Full Body Dry Brushing Exfoliant with Luxurious Aragon Butter, Hot Coconut Oil Deep Scalp Massage, with the option to add on Reiki Therapy!


Highly recommended!!

Available in local Charleston area, Kiawah

Call 704-905-8998 to book with Deb or visit

Astonomical Clock

Astrological Charts and Consultations

Alexander Mallon is an amazing astrologer offering a host of in-depth services to support your understanding of self and relationship.  Alexander has over 40 years of experience offering counseling and insight through Astrological Readings

on life, love, career, soul path, tarot, palmistry.

How helpful would it be to have a roadmap of where you're going and how to navigate life along the way? Indispensable!!

Call 845-802-6111 to schedule in person or skype session with Alexander.


Medical Accupuncture, Ayurveda, Yoga

Dr. Eloise Bradham offers an alternative approach to pain management and health through skilled and pain free Acupuncture and Avurveda. Dr. Bradham is also a practicing Anethesiologist who lovingly cares for your entire being.

“Moira Duggan is a gifted, angelic healer. I am so thankful that I found her and now use her wise counsel regularly to fuel me as a Global Women’s Empowerment Leader. At this point, I cannot imagine being without her support and services as I go forth into the world.”

-Lorraine Pursell, MA

"I met Moira a few months ago and loved the way she made me feel since day one. She is a very caring, loving, and professional lady. She is great at what she does. She always has kind words to help you and guide you to enjoy a healthier physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life. I will continue to see her and I highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Moira for all you do :)"

-Carmenza Londono

"Moira is amazing at what she does! I recommend her to anyone who needs any spiritual help or energy healing. She is so kind and gentle with how you are feeling and what you express to her. She pins exactly where you should focus on to work on growth within yourself. I will definitely be attending again to her!"

-Emory Douglas

"Moira is a truly beautiful person. I took her Holistic Health Program and it changed my life. She is a professional, spiritual, empowering coach. She instructed me in yoga, meditation, healthy eating. We worked together on personal development and reconnecting with yourself. I have attended Reiki sessions and spiritual drum ceremonies. She is an amazing mystical being. My life changed and I am grateful, I owe the beauty of my world now to her. She is supportive, caring and makes a delicious lavender eye pillow! I highly recommend Healing Tree. I am so blessed I found you!

Peace and Love Moira! Many Thanks!!"

- Veronica Rohtert

"Thank you so much for the best health advice I have ever received! You are my favorite Yoga Instructor! I enjoy all of the modalities you combine in your practice. Each one of them has helped me and I find the combinations very powerful and healing! I am obsessed with your products especially the anti-aging ones. I'm looking younger and healthier. Thank you for all the wonderful things that you do! I will continue using your services as often as I can."

-Ana Haugsoen

"Took a fun and informative vegetarian cooking class here. The food was delicious and we received some great cooking tips!"

-Kamile Kay

Inspiring you to uncover your peace, passion & purpose!

Healing Tree Holistic Health & Yoga

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

# (781) 353-1553


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