Holistic Healing

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The Mind~Body~Spirit

Experience an alternative approach to healing by finding the ROOT cause of your suffering.  We work through many healing modalities to help you uncover what is holding you back, release what is no longer serving you, and adopt new qualities and guidance that serve your highest potential.



The power of the mind influences all areas of our physical, mental and spiritual lives.  The quality of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs dictate our reality.  We have the power of shift our thinking to create harmony, peace, vitality, freedom - literally anything we want to manifest in our lives! 

Learn how to access the power of the mind to work FOR you, through proven techniques for positive change.

Power of the Mind, Charleston SC



The body is our vehicle for experiencing life through all our senses.  It is our energy container and a miraculous manifestation of the Divine.

Our bodies are designed for healing.  It is most often our unconscious thoughts and beliefs that prevent the body from achieving homeostasis (balanced health). 

Working through the physical and energetic body, we can shift our daily actions to align with our highest potential. 

Discover how to tune into the subtle messages of the body and switch on the innate healing available to you.

spiritual life coach, charleston sc
spiritual counseling, Charleston SC






Reconnecting to your inner spirit, your guiding light, and the essence of your eternal soul is where all the magic happens. Accessing the unlimited well of peace, love, wisdom, compassion, creativity and connection to the quantum field of possibilities is not a matter of religion.  This is our birthright - accessible to ALL. Nurturing our spiritual self removes all barriers from realizing our path and purpose. 

It is my mission to help you reconnect with this source of love and joy within you. 

Once upon a time...

I was a single mother of two, emotionally disconnected and fragile from a lifetime of abuse and neglect.  I wanted more for my kids, more for myself, and I didn't know where to turn.  I needed to find balance and peace in my life...


My quest for healing, self-help, understanding, and connection became the path that leads me home, every time. Not to the familiar, but to my original essence. My unique soul...


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         Transformational Services      

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Reiki Healing Therapy | Energy Medicine Charleston SC
Private Yoga Instructor, Charleston SC


"Moira is a truly beautiful person. I took her Holistic Health Program and it changed my life. She is a professional, spiritual, empowering coach. She instructed me in yoga, meditation, healthy eating. We worked together on personal development and reconnecting with yourself. I have attended Reiki sessions and spiritual drum ceremonies. She is an amazing mystical being. My life changed and I am grateful, I owe the beauty of my world now to her. She is supportive, caring and makes a delicious lavender eye pillow! I highly recommend Healing Tree. I am so blessed I found you! Peace and Love, Moira! Many Thanks!!"

- Veronica Rohtert

11/12/19, 10:55 am

"By far this course exceeded my expectations!! It was the perfect blend of an inviting, comfortable atmosphere, a wonderful, knowledgeable and approachable teacher, lots of extremely useful information and materials. I highly recommend Moira to anyone thinking about taking a class or for any other services. She is amazing and the entire class/group was filled with amazing relatable individuals."

- Elizabeth Nun, Reiki One Student

"I met Moira at my very first beach yoga while she was the instructor. I knew then that she would be a constant in my life! She is an amazing being with lots of love, spiritual awareness and energy that is contagious! I recently had a Reiki session with her and not only was I amazed at what I had learned but felt a spiritual awakening within myself that I so desperately needed. I also received healing energy to my soul and body. If you ever have an opportunity to spend time with Moira, whether it's yoga, a cooking class or a Reiki session don't pass it up. Your life will be forever changed and grateful to have her in it!!! "

-With love, Amy Maiolo

"Moira is literally the best Reiki Master! From the first time I met her she made me feel so comfortable and every time I leave a session I feel so much more relaxed and centered than when I went in. I have so much more mental, spiritual, and emotional clarity since I started seeing her and would recommend her to anybody that is interested in, or even slightly curious about, reiki."

- Martha Pannocchia

"I met Moira a few months ago and loved the way she made me feel since day one. She is a very caring, loving, and professional lady. She is great at what she does. She always has kind words to help you and guide you to enjoy a healthier physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life. I will continue to see her and I highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Moira for all you do :)"

-Carmenza Londono

"Moira is amazing at what she does! I recommend her to anyone who needs any spiritual help or energy healing. She is so kind and gentle with how you are feeling and what you express to her. She pins exactly where you should focus on to work on growth within yourself. I will definitely be attending again to her!"

-Emory Douglas

"I attended Monday night’s meditation and it was amazing. We began with breathwork and a guided meditation led by Moira. I was experiencing deep sorrow and grief. During the meditation, I felt such love and support, I was able to find deep peace and connection. It is amazing to be in a group of people who are focused on love and light. The energy is so healing!"

- Sara Clark

"I did a Reiki session with Moira and it was wonderful. Relaxing, a bit eye-opening, and healing. Highly recommend!!!"

-Valerie Simms

"Took a fun and informative vegetarian cooking class here. The food was delicious and we received some great cooking tips!"

-Kamile Kay

"Thank you so much for the best health advice I have ever received! You are my favorite Yoga Instructor! I enjoy all of the modalities you combine in your practice. Each one of them has helped me and I find the combinations very powerful and healing! I am obsessed with your products especially the anti-aging ones. I'm looking younger and healthier. Thank you for all the wonderful things that you do! I will continue using your services as often as I can."

-Ana Haugsoen

"Moira was such a joy to lead the beach yoga flow with me and my best friends. We talked for about an hour after about how wonderful she was. Fantastic energy. Def a healer. Can't wait to come back and book her."

-Stephanie Sillin

"Moira is an amazing Yoga instructor. She always gently and lovingly guides the group through each pose. I especially love attending her classes at the beach and joining the drum circle afterward. She shares so much of her time and talents with the Community and it is a blessing to know her."

-Anne Marie Wiesman

“Moira Duggan is a gifted, angelic healer. I am so thankful that I found her and now use her wise counsel regularly to fuel me as a Global Women’s Empowerment Leader. At this point, I cannot imagine being without her support and services as I go forth into the world.”

-Lorraine Pursell, MA


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