75 minute session to balance your chakras, clear unwanted, stuck or negative energy. Feeling stuck, sluggish, brain-foggy, reactive, emotionally overloaded and/or disconnected?  When are chakras are out of alignment, excessive and insufficient it impacts how we think, feel and behave.  A chakra re-alignment can get you back on track, feeling empowered, clear and balanced.  We use a variety of tools to re-connect you to your center again.  Starting with a brief consultation, followed by a full 60 minute relaxing session and post-session review - you will leave feeling refreshed, centered and grounded (possibly with some homework / supportive practices and empowerment tools).  Call to discuss if this is appropriate for your situation. Moira will work with you to discover the best rememdy for your unique situation.  

Chakra Balancing / Energy Clearing



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