These sacred oils come in handy roll-on applicator in an amber glass bottle. Hand-crafted using a proprietary blend of sacred essential oils, specifically harmonized to each of the 7 chakras. Each roll-on contains healing herbs related to the health of the specific chakra, steeped in the sacred oil formula.  Your sacred oil comes in a beautiful organza keepsake bag of the corresponding chakra color, with a beautiful affirmation card to empower the activation or opening of this energy center.  The heavenly scent of these oils is activated each time you use your roll-on.  This is a sacred tool of the highest vibration to support your spiritual path.


Chakra Roll-Ons

Chakra Oils
  • Shake well before each use.  

    When you first receive your oils, take a moment to center yourself with three deep breaths.  Apply the oild to your pressure points (wrists, neck, heart space, etc).  Read the invocation, close your eyes and be fully present in the moment, while breathing in the aroma. 

    Each time you use them, you can be reminded of the mantra, and embody the message.  Enjoy!!  Love and Light, Moira


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