Sound healing iis not just "listening to music".  Everything is energetic matter, moving at various rates of speed. Our bodies are made entirely of energy, and energy travels on sound wave.  When we employ the use of intentional therapeutic sound, using objects that resonate -- tuning forks, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, we can go beyond relaxation and actually stimulate healing. We use specific crafted tones to illicit and entrain brain wave patterns into a more cohesive state - turning off the stress response in the body, and the chaotic mind chatter, and providing a pettern of "order" in your vibrational field. The results are deeply relaxed states of mind, to which the body responds by engaging in healing functions not available during our "waking" alpha state.  This non-invasive practice has been used to produce euphoric stares of meditation and profound healing for centuries. Scientific labratory testing has proven notable and measurable results.  A wonderful alternative therapy particularly for patients with sleep apnea, anxiety, any ailment that affects the central nervous system, such as Parkinson's, stress, etc. 

Sound / VIbrational Healing Session

  • Sessions are typically performed using light touch using a combination of tuning forks, Tibetan Singing bowls, Solfeggio Tones, nature sounds such as wave, water and the human voice.  Sessions are 75-90 minutes. Fully clothed on a (optional) warm massage table in a tranquil supportive environment.


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