Finding Peace in difficult times

Lets face it - Life is stressful. There a million things screaming for your attention at any given moment. From the time you open your eyes in the morning, to the moment you finally lay your head on the pillow. We are constantly bombarded by information from TV, radio, internet, your cell phone - all demanding our attention. Work pressures, deadlines, bills, emails, your health, your relationships, your community, politics, religion, and what about your dreams and goals? Your joy and creative outlets? Where do those fit in? What is the constant chatter in your head saying? Why does it never shut up? How can you find a peaceful moment - even from your own thoughts that never seems to stop nagging you?

You've no doubt heard about the benefits of yoga and meditation in the news, and have may even thought "That sounds nice - but I am too busy right now. Maybe when things settle down..." Sound familiar? But do things ever really settle down? The fact is that life is traveling at a faster rate than ever before - and shows no signs of slowing down. Finding a way to retain a state of peace and centeredness, regardless of what is happening around you is the key to achieving a balanced life of peace and happiness.

What if you could be more productive, focused and at ease every day? With your co-workers at work, with your family and friends, during holidays, during stressful times, and actually start enjoying living your life, instead of just trying to keep your head above the rising tide?

There is a better way. You have within you the tools to acquire this state of being, and it doesn't require you to quit your job, and move to a remote island, or an Ashram in India. It doesn't required a large investment, special equipment, or any physical expertise or excellence. It doesn't require you to change your religion, shave your head or wear an orange toga. This state is accessible to all, if you are willing to invest just a small amount of time in yourself. A few minutes a day, and a shift in mindset is all that is required. If I told you that you could achieve and maintain a sense of wellbeing and balance in ALL THINGS, that you could reconnect to the deep well of love, creativity, connection, passion and joy within you - would you be willing to explore it?

I challenge you to step out of the chaos and explore the possibilities with me. Nothing is required of you. Join me in a space where all are welcome, free of judgement and conditions. You will learn tools to manage your overactive mind, find balance and peace in your mind, body and spirit, restore health and wellness, and reconnect to the Source of Love.

This is what Holistic Health is - reconnecting us to the Source of Love within.

Join me. All are welcome.

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