Beginners Guide to Pendulum dowsing

Using a Pendulum for Spiritual Guidance

Using a pendulum can be a great way to bypass your egoic mind and access the supreme intelligence of your higher self. Our higher self is connected to the quantum field and therefore knows everything about us. Learning to trust this source of wisdom is merely a matter of practice.

There is nothing magical or dark about a pendulum. It responds through the electro-magnetic field that surrounds us and is part of every living thing. When using a pendulum, you are merely tapping into the energy of universal consciousness and the higher self.

The pendulum works well for clearly yes or no answers. If there is uncertainty, or any mitigating factors, you may need to rephrase your question. For example: asking “should I take this new job” is not the way to determine an answer. Your higher self will not tell you what to do. But you could ask “will this job bring me happiness?” or “will this job serve my higher purpose?”

Step One: Find a Pendulum you like. It can be anything from a rock tied to a string, to an artfully crafted jeweled stone. Traditionally pendulums have a pointed tip, but literally anything on a string or chain that is weighted and will swing in an arch can be used. There are many varieties to choose from. Stone, crystal, wood, metal are all wonderful. Trust your first instinct when choosing a pendulum to work with.

Step Two: Program the Pendulum’s source. You want to bypass the logical (ego) mind and receive your answers from a higher source. You want to repeat this step every time you use your pendulum, otherwise, it will answer from your subconscious mind, which only draws from your past experiences and beliefs.

Hold your pendulum approximately 12 inches away from your body. Use the thumb and first 2 fingers of your non-dominant hand. Having three points on the chain or string provides both north and south polarity, or balance. You may rest the elbow of your hand on a table for stability.

You can say to yourself (or out loud) something like “I call upon the higher self, or the source of All that Is to answer these questions. I ask my ego to step completely out of the way, so that I may receive clear answers from the Only, the absolute truth, which is aligned with my highest good, shall be revealed. And so it is”.

Step Three: Programming your pendulum. You first need to determine what a YES looks like. You can ask “show me a yes”, or simply repeat “yes” until your pendulum starts to move. It may rotate in a clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion or swing back and forth. Note the direction and fashion of the swing.

Stop the swing and follow with “show me a no” or simply repeat “no” until your pendulum starts to move. Note the direction and fashion of this swing.

“Maybe” or “undetermined” will be something other than the Yes or No swing. Note that no movement or “dead in the water” means you aren’t connected. You may need to try another stone or article to use as a pendulum.

Anytime you use a new pendulum, you must program it before using.

Step Four: Start asking!! Start with simple questions that you already know the answer to, like “is my name (fill in the blank)?” or “is my shirt blue?”etc. to get in the flow. Once you feel confident that you are getting consistent accurate answers, you can start asking more questions such as “is it in my best interest to _______?” or “is now a good time to _______?”.

If you are not getting strong answers, you may need to rephrase your question to a more soul aligned aspect.

Step Five: Clear the pendulum before asking the next question by placing your hand on the tip and stopping the swing. This indicates that the answer was received and you are ready to move on.


  • The speed and velocity of the swing indicates the strength of the answer. For example – a small or minor motion would indicate a gentle answer, while a wide, more forceful swing indicates a more resounding answer.

  • Be mindful to clear your attachment to the answer. Since you are communicating with your higher self, you must trust that the answers you are seeking are for your ultimate good, regardless of your wishes. Clear your mind and trust that you are receiving clear, unbiased answers.

  • Be patient if the swing doesn’t start immediately. Notice your state of mind and your energy. If you are in a highly emotional state, you’ll need to return to a more balanced peaceful state before you continue.

  • Keep your pendulum safe by storing it in a pouch or wearing it on a chain around your neck (next to your heart allows it to synchronize with your heart and higher self).

Once you become comfortable with using your pendulum, you can use it for all kinds of stuff like asking “are these multivitamins benefiting my body?” or” will fish oil help improve my digestion” if yes – ask about dosage, such as “do I need more than 1 tsp/day?” “should I take this with food?” etc.…

The pendulum can provide accurate answers for you in this current time and space. Remember that we are constantly changing, and you may need to revisit, as time passes. Be careful about asking advise for big decisions, like “should I marry Tom?”. You want to phrase your questions around what is best for the body, mind and spirit. Remembering that growth can be sometimes painful, but may ultimately be what’s best for you mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Using a pendulum is fun and is often the first step in establishing a trusting relationship with your higher self. Your higher self, and the connection to Universal Truth is a relationship worthy of nurturing. If you have questions about using a pendulum or how you can connect to this source in other ways, contact me!!

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