How to know if you're on your spiritual path

In this time in our collective human evolution, more and more people are "waking up" to their spiritual selves. We all eventually come to place in our lives, where we ask ourselves "is there more to life than this?" "Who am I, really? "

We begin to examine our path, typically because we realize we are deeply dissatisfied with some aspect of our lives.

It often starts with a low grade unrest, boredom, un-fulfillment or sense of disconnect. Often people try to ignore this, or mask it by drinking, using drugs, sex, gambling, shopping or some other means to distract them from this growing sense of ill-ease. Some attempt to fix it by initiating a major change in their lives, like quitting their job, moving, ending or beginning a relationship, or starting a new hobby. This may temporarily ease the growing unrest because you are engrossed in a new experience, but eventually you realize it's still there, and no matter where you go, or what you do - you're still in the same boat.

That nagging feeling you've been trying to quell is your spirit trying to get your attention, and until you stop looking outside yourself, and start looking within, you will continue to search. Your spirit is calling you to reconnect. You are not broken. You are not lost. You were just disconnected. You can reconnect.

So how do I connect to my higher self, you may ask? You will not find the answer in your mind. You find the connection comes through the heart. It is FELT. You only have to ask with sincere intention, to come back to your true self. Try placing your hands over your heart, closing your eyes, and taking 3 deep breaths. Feel your heartbeat and your breathing. Disconnect from your busy mind, and drop your awareness down into your heart space. Ask with your heart to be reunited with your spiritual self. Genuinely seek that part of you that is eternal, and pure loving energy. Be still and allow yourself to open to the loving energy that is within you.

When we approach this asking with genuine longing and intention - it arises.

Enjoy this experience and return to it often. In doing this, you begin to build a relationship with your higher self. You begin to learn to listen to this quiet whisper in your soul. You begin to trust it. You connection deepens.

With this reconnection our Inner Self, or Inner Compass, comes a desire to fulfill our soul's urging or calling. To walk our spiritual path - whatever that may be. But what is my path? How will I know??

Ask yourself this question: Am I breathing? Am I alive? Then guess what? You ARE on your spiritual path. You are a spiritual being, having a human experience. Everything in your life has purpose. Everywhere your path has led you has been on purpose. When we seek to understand that purpose for our Higher Selves, it draws us closer to our center of peace. Closer to remembering who we really are, and why we are here.

You are not broken. Realize that everything has purpose. Pain is the greatest motivator. It is meant to wake you up. It is meant to shake us awake and say "Hey! You're missing the most important part!" When this happens, you can ask yourself "What am I needing to learn here?", "What is the lesson?", "What am I holding on to (that I need to release)?", "Where do I need to grow?"

Don't try to rationalize, analyze, or compute an answer with your mind. Reconnect to your spirit and listen for the answers to come from your higher self. Again, this is FELT in the heart. You will know. Ask this source for discernment and clarity, if you are unsure.

Meaning can be made from mayhem. You can begin to collect the pearls of wisdom, born from suffering, with honest asking. You can choose to keep the pearls, and toss the suffering.

Walk your path with your spiritual self one step ahead of you. Trust and Allow life to unfold exactly as it is. You are exactly where you are meant to be.

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